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The PhotoFinca Photographic Experience


Tel: 07768 983358

The PhotoFinca Photographic Experience

Must Be 18 or Over                                                  

Must Be A Photographer                        

On a PhotoFinca photographic holiday you get the most varied of shooting opportunities every day.


Over your weeks holiday and included in the package price is between 18 and 24 hours of location shooting as the group, as there is a maximum of 6 photographers and 2 models there is a very low shoot ratio of 3:1.


If you would like a little 1-2-1 time with one of the models this can be organise this after your "Welcome Meeting" on the first evening, for a reduced hourly rate, there are specific days when there is free time or after a location shoot or even whilst still in that location.


Should you require transportation to a location to shoot your model in a particular scenario I will be happy to take you Free of Charge up to 50km round trip.  


We cater for 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 holidays too, where Photographers have 1 or 2 models exclusively for there use over a few days.


All our holidays have become so popular that we get over 30% returning customers,  the only way to get the latest news as it happens is our free newsletter.


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