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The PhotoFinca Photographic Experience


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The PhotoFinca Photographic Experience

Types of Photographic Experiences

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All my photography Experiences in Spain will give you a wonderful opportunity to develop your photographic skills in fabulous location.


The weather means that you can develop your location photography skills outside in warm sun-drenched Andalusian country side and create images that combine beautiful locations with professional models – a valued addition to anyone’s portfolio.


We only work with very experienced models that, aside from looking great, are chosen for their personalities, versatile modelling skills and abilities to work with photographers of all skill levels.


They will always give their all to make sure get the very best out of your time in Spain and to make the experience fun as well as rewarding.


I, Steve Lowery, a successful glamour & fashion photographer and studio owner for over 15 years will always be available to guide and help when requested but out of sight when not needed.


I can help you with posing and composing the models, framing the shot, lighting and all other aspects of photography, in unfamiliar lighting conditions.


As we stay in a 5 star villa in the heart of Andalusia expect the opportunities for great images, you won't be diasppointed.


All locations are relatively secluded and generally within 50 metres of where our vehicle stops so there is no lugging gear up hillsides!


The days are spent with the model around the pool and ground or out on location, our social time together is important too.


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