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PhotoFinca Photographic Holidays in Spain

PhotoFinca Photographic Holidays in Spain


Tel: 07768 983358

I started taking photographers to Spain in 2003, a small group of 3 photographers and 1 professional model.


It became apparent that small numbers and 1 model wasn't going to work, so, I gave it a break and concentrated on my studios, Yorkshire Studios, built up more knowledge of my favourite part of Spain, Andalusia with exploratory holidays whenever I could get away.


This fabulous area of the world has many features that we don't have available to us in the UK and all bathed in warm sunshine.

Of course, you can get a flight to Spain, hire a car, rent a cheap apartment and spend hours looking for them, but that is what I've already done for you.


Now all you have to do is decide what type of holiday you want and then book it with me.


I pride myself on First Class service to all my customers. Check out my "Testimonials" page and see what my past customers have to say.

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Steve & tillie do the Free Price Draw at the Photography Show.


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