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The PhotoFinca Photo & Video Experience


Tel: 07768 983358

The PhotoFinca Photo & Video Experience

Isn't Photographing beautiful models in stunning locations why us Photographers are here?


Learning to Shoot models in these situations isn't easy, but we all want to get better,  come away with new skills and new friends.


All of my locations have been personally chosen for their light, features, ease of access from more senior photographers and of course variety, you won't get a bland sandy beaches anywhere in sight.


So, a wide range of locations is very important for a group of individuals not only to accommodate their desires but to push the boundaries, after all that's why you booked this experience, isn't it?


PhotoFinca has been organising and running All types of Specialist Photographic Experiences since 2013.


Now in 2018,  I have 5 Modelling weeks, 6 Drone Flying weeks and 2 Video production,

so check out my

"What's Available" page.



When i'm "in Spain" on the studio calendar,

please contact Chris on 07516 166917 about bookings in these periods.

Frankie & Scarlot_3rd-9th June 2018
1 place available, click here. LyciaSharyl & Honour May, 9th - 15th June 2018,  2 Place Available, Click Here. Hayley Hartley & Natasha Kalashnikova, 15th - 21st June 2018, 1 Place Available. Chlick Here. Rebecca&Eleisha RebeccaG&Simone

June 2018

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